The Project

The project "the golden thread" invites you to pause once a day for three minutes for ONE WORLD, our living space.

We are a group of world citizens, bound by a deep love for the Earth. The global imbalance awakens in us the wish to contribute towards a peaceful whole.

It is our idea to practise the following meditation daily for one year as a voluntarily chosen contribution for ONE WORLD.

The Golden Thread-Meditation:

  • Look for a quiet place
  • See in front of your inner eye the globe in all its beauty
  • Now turn towards a geographic region that you feel drawn to or that is afflicted with hardship. Let yourself be guided by your heart in this
  • Now pause for three minutes and connect in love and compassion with this region, letting the light of your heart flow there without wanting a specific outcome
  • Let yourself be touched and filled with your meditation

A simple golden thread which you wear on your wrist or elsewhere on your person reminds you to practise this daily.

Being many, we change the world.


Initiator and spiritual mentor of this project is Annette Kaiser

Karin Kunze-Neidhardt, Werner Wobmann