Your Contribution

Cards and flyers:
You may order cards and flyers in German or English through our e-mail address. Thank you for distributing them amongst your friends.

Set our link:
If you like our project and you would like to spread the word, you can put a link to our homepage on your website.

If our project speaks to you and you would like to support us by working on this project, please contact us

Financial support:
To reach its goals, the project depends on sponsorship/donations. The Forum Neue Erde is a recognized not-for-profit institution.

Account holder: Verein Forum Neue Erde, Oberdorfweg 7, 3812 Wilderswil
Account number: PC 60-379868-5 - reference: "Der goldene Faden"
IBAN: CH42 0900 0000 6037 9868 5